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High Court OMs

List of High Court OMs
Sl.No Title Actions
1 High Court O. M. D1-3-66435-2021 dated 01.12.2021- MACTs to comply with the direction in Raj Kumar v Ajay Kumar 2011(1)KLT620(SC)-directions issued View Download
2 High Court O. M. No.D1-31879/2019 dated 03.08.2021 - reference under section 34(4) of National Highways Act, 1956 - nomenclature - assigning of View Download
3 High Court O.M. No. D1-3/20626/2021 dated 22.03.2021 - Communications sent by the subordinate courts seeking extension of time- request to be made to the Court, instead of the Registrar View Download
4 High Court O. M. No. D1-3/28544/2021 dated 06.05.2021 - Reports called for by the High Court- reports to contain the exact details called for by the High Court View Download
5 High Court O.M. No. D1-3/2983/2021 dated 20.04.2021- General instructions on maintenance of records in split up cases-reg. View Download
6 High Court O. M. No. D1-3-9033-2021 dated 20.04.2021 - Protocol regarding early access to justice at pre-arrest and arrest stage- ensuring implementation of the protocol-reg. View Download
7 Kerala Judicial Academy O.M.No. KJA-LIB-(3)27-2020 dated 30.03.2021-legal softwares provided to the Judicial Officers of the state -effective utilization-reg. View Download
8 High Court Notification No:D1-1/43497/2005(2) dated 25.08.2021 - Electronic Video Linkage Rules for Courts (Kerala), 2021 -issued - date of commencement of Rules - notified View Download
9 High Court OM D1-1/104010/2019 dated 24.11.2020 - Certified copies issued from the subordinate courts - utilising A4 size papers with printing on both sides - orders issued View Download
10 High Court OM No:C4-3949/2020 dated 22.01.2021 -Sanctioning leave without allowances under Appendix XIIA/XIIC Part I, KSR-guidelines for strict compliance View Download
11 High Court OM No: D1-1/20613/2018 dated 12.05.2021 - Electronic Filing Rules for Courts (Kerala), 2021 - issued View Download
12 High Court OM No: D1-3/1611/2018 dated 20.04.2021 -disposal of demonetized currency notes produced after 30.12.2016 - clarification requested by the Nyayadhikari, Grama Nyayalaya, Kattapana-clarification received from the RBI View Download
13 High Court OM NO. D1-3/27275/2020 dated 19.11.2021 - Functioning of Courts in the District Judiciary from 22.11.2021 - advisory issued View Download
14 High Court OM No.D1-3/30524/2020 dated 02.02.2021 - Additional Court Fees paid under section 76 of the Kerala Court Fees and Suits Valuation Act, 1959 towards KLBF - inclusion in the cost portion of decree View Download
15 High Court OM No. D1-62475/2016 dated 07.11.2019 - Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal - Award amount - payment through electronic mode - High Court Circular No. 03/2019 - implementation of - reg. View Download
16 High Court OM No. G1(2) - 30185/2021 dated 20.05.2021 - Reporting of willingness to contribute the deferred salary to CMDRF View Download
17 High Court OM No:I-1/37617/2020 dated 31.03.2021-code of conduct for regulating involvement and intervention of staff members of District Judiciary in the social media and other public platforms View Download