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Training at the Academy campus

     The Academy has set the platform for various programmes. They include the mandatory induction training for munsiff-magistrates, orientation programme for direct recruit district judges and in-service programmes for serving judicial officers. Continuing judicial education plays a vital role in helping the district judiciary to share their experiences, gain knowledge and update and sensitise themselves to the fast-changing social needs.


Induction Training for Munsiff-Magistrates

     The duration of training for Munsiffs and Magistrates was six months before the establishment of the Directorate of Training. After its establishment in 1986, the duration was reduced to 13 weeks.  It was increased to twenty-four weeks in October 1992. 
    Pursuant to the direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court inAll India Judges Association v. Union of India(AIR 2002 SC 1752),the scheme of induction training was revised. The period of the induction training since 2008 is one year minimum.


Orientation training for District Judges (direct recruits)

     The Academy conducts orientation training for the newly recruited district judges for two months soon after they assume their office. 


Refresher courses for members of district judiciary

    The Academy has devised a new strategy to keep pace with the changing needs of the judiciary. Apart from the induction and the orientation training, the Academy is conducting several other programmes for the members of the district judiciary. 
     The current training programmes are mainly categorised as:
          ● Knowledge Enhancement Training (KET) programme
          ● Skill Enhancement Training (SET) programme and
          ● Special training programmes.


Judicial Mentoring

     The Hon’ble Mr Justice S. Manikumar, the Chief Justice, High Court of Kerala has proposed a mentorship programme for the newly recruited Munsiff-Magistrates. The Kerala Judicial Academy is entrusted with the implementation of the programme. The role of the Academy is to formulate the strategy and methodology to be followed. Accordingly, the Academy has prepared a document titled ‘TheJudicial Mentoring Manualis’. The document has been approved by the Board of Governors of the Academy and its Patron-in-Chief, the Hon’ble the Chief Justice. The programme is implemented w.e.f. 01.01.2021. 


Judicial Officers e-Learning (JOeL)

     The programme shall be known as Judicial Officers E-Learning programme (JOeL). There will be various levels in the JOeL, which shall be named as mentioned at appropriate places. 


Exchange and other programmes

     Judicial officers and trainees from other states visited the Academy and various courts in Kerala. The academy facilitated interaction of the visiting team of officers with the directors and Munsiff-Magistrate trainees. The visiting officers interacted with the judicial officers at the district centres and understood the working environment of the courts in the State. 
    Judicial officers and Munsiff-Magistrates from Kerala visited Karnataka Judicial Academy, Bangalore Mediation Centre and interacted with the judicial officers and mediators. The best practices were shared. 


Lawyers, non-judicial officers, and other stakeholders

     The Academy imparts legal education to lawyers and Non-judicial Officers as well. Induction training and in-service courses are conducted in the Academy for the Principal Counsellors of Family Courts. The academy holds different special programmes for the officers of the High Court. The academy holds different special programmes for the officers of the High Court.