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    The Library of the Academy is a centre for self-learning that helps trainees open a vista of sources of information. Books on substantive laws, procedural laws, Case laws, Digests, Books on general topics, Subject encyclopedias, Manuals, Journals and periodicals in English and Malayalam are available in the Library.


    The KJA library uses the software ‘Koha”, a free and open source software integrated with RFID technology for library services. The cataloguing of books [entry of details of the books viz title, name of author, published edition/year etc] is done in the library software “koha’”. The said details are also linked with the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags attached to  the books. The users of the library  are provided with library I.D cards which are linked to  the ‘Koha’ software.

Remote Frequency Identification (RFID)

    A RFID library management system consists of books, each attached with an RFID tag, RFID reader, computer network and software. Library staff handle lending, returning, sorting, tagging etc. of books, using RFID tags. Data within a tag may provide identification for an item, proof of ownership, original storage location, loan status and history. A person can locate RFID library books marked with a RFID tag, using the RFID reader. When the book is carried to the counter, the library staff can either activate or deactivate the electronic article surveillance bit in the book's tag. If a book is borrowed, then the surveillance bit is deactivated.

Kiosk for borrowing and returning books

    A Kiosk for borrowing and returning books is installed in the library. Borrowing and returning of books are fully automated with the help of self check-in/out systems, involving installation of a special software. A person using this system to borrow books is presented with options on a computer screen. The person has to identify himself with the membership number provided in the Identity card. Books selected by the person are identified by the system's built-in RFID reader. The surveillance bit in the book's tag is deactivated by the system. When a book is returned, the check-in/out system activates the surveillance bit. Using the issue kiosk they can renew and reserve books as well.

Book drops

    The Book Drops are kept outside the main entrance of the library. This offers unprecedented flexibility and convenience of returning books at any time of the day, even when the library is closed. The kiosk will then generate a receipt of return.

Anti-theft Detection Gate

    RFID Gates is the anti-theft part of the Library RFID Management System using the same RFID tags embedded in the library books. Each lane is able to track items of about 1 metre and would trigger the alarm system when an un-borrowed item passes through them. The alarm will sound and lights on the gate will flash as patrons pass through with the un-borrowed library material.


    The library has around 24500 collections which include commentaries, Bare Acts, Journals Legal and general literature et cetera. Books on substantive laws, procedural laws, case laws, digests, books on general topics, subject encyclopaedias, manuals, journals and periodicals in english and malayalam are available in the library.