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List of Circulars
Sl.No Title Actions
1 Circular 10/1957   Routing of representations and Correspondence addressed to the High Court through departmental superiors and addressed only to Registrar.
2 Circular 10/1958   Submission of Reconciled consolidated expenditure statements      
3 Circular 10/1959   Criminal Justice-Supply of lower court records to the Public Prosecutor or Assistant Public Prosecutor in P. E. Cases, Criminal Appeals and Criminal Revisions -Instructions issued.
4 Circular 10/1960   Misappropriation of money                   
5 Circular 10/1961   Disposal of currency notes and coins that come under the possession of courts by confiscation or otherwise.
6 Circular 10/1962   Public Service-Verification of character and antecedents of' candidates selected for Appointment.                       
7 Circular 10/1963   Statements forwarded to the High Court- Certificate of corrections.
8 Circular 10/1964   Adolescent offenders-Committal-Further instructions- Issued.
9 Circular 10/1965   Attachment of property as per Order XXI, rule 43 of the C.P.C.-Clarification as to whether kychits should be stamped under the Stamp Act.
10 Circular 10/1966   Posting of cases under the Food Adulteration Act Directions issued.
11 Circular 10/1967   Process servers-Postings of persons in the Munsiffs' Courts-Orders modified.
12 Circular 10/1968   Examination of medical witnesses-Instructions
13 Circular 10/1969   Criminal court deposits-Lapsed-Refund bill Double claims.
14 Circular 10/1970   Civil Revision Petitions-Submission of records by subordinate courts.
15 Circular 10/1971   Forwarding of records for appeal from E.Ps. and E.As. to the High Court                                        
16 Circular 10/1972   Calendar statement-How the various columns in the calendar are to be filled up.
17 Circular 10/1973   Complaints-Allegations against subordinate officers unsatisfactory nature of enquiry reports-Instructions to the District Officers-Issued.
18 Circular 10/1974   Inspection of the Central Nazaraths and offices of the Official Receivers
19 Circular 10/1975   Set off benefit under section 428
20 Circular 10/1976   Uniform practice to be followed in forwarding applications for various posts-Directions issued.
21 Circular 10/1977  Arrest, detention, etc. of M. L. As.-Intimation to the Speaker-Instructions issued.
22 Circular 10/1978   Submission of calendars in Sessions Cases-Instructions issued.
23 Circular 10/1979   -Expeditious disposal of cases filed under the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952-Instructions issued.
24 Circular 10/1980   Payment of witness batta in the Criminal Courts-Instructions issued.
25 Circular 10/1981   Committal of accused in Sessions Cases to prison-Delay in taking follow-up action after the High Court dec1sionnAvoidance of.
26 Circular 10/1982   Certified copies of documents-Preparation of-Page numbers of the originals to be shown in the certified copies Instructions issued.
27 Circular 10/1986   References under the Customs Act 1962, the Central Excises and Salt Act, 1944 and the Gold (Control) Act, 1968, etc., by the Appellate Tribunals to the High Court-Mode of numbering
28 Circular 10/2009   Subordinate Criminal Courts· - Cognizance taken by Magistrates in final reports  Rectification of delay - Instructions - Issued.
29 Circular 11/1957   Dress to be worn by non gazetted officers of judicial department while on duty.
30 Circular 11/1958   Work management of District Judges and District Magistrates. (
31 Circular 11/1959   Procedure to be followed by criminal courts subordinate to the High Court whenever the High Court certifies its judgment or order to such courts.
32 Circular 11/1960   Submission of appellate courts records and trial courts records to the High Court for reference b Crl. Appeals or Crl. Revision Petitions-Directions issued.
33 Circular 11/1961   Time limit for disposal of criminal cases-Disparity between Travancore-Cochin and Malabar areas Removal of.
34 Circular 11/1962   Realisation of stamp duty and penalty on documents impounded in courts-Extent-Responsibility of courts.
35 Circular 11/1963   Stay orders issued by the High Court in criminal and civil cases-Directions for guidance.
36 Circular 11/1964   Officers in the Vacation Department-Periods of vacation spent on duty-Intimation to the Accountant General.
37 Circular 11/1965  Refund of lapsed deposits-Authority to sanction Directions issued.
38 Circular 11/1967  Execution of commission orders-Appointment of surveyor or village officer as joint commissioner.         
39 Circular 11/1968   Criminal justice-Service of summons to police officers.
40 Circular 11/1969   Imposition of a fine in addition to imprisonment-Procedure to be followed-Instructions issued.
41 Circular 11/1970   Central Nazarat System-Working of pending introduction of unified Civil Rules of Practice
42 Circular 11/1971   Taxes-Sales tax-Recovery of arrears of sales tax under section 23 (2) (b) of the Kerala General Sales tax Act, 1963-Difficulties regarding instructions  issued·
43 Circular 11/1972   Hill Tribes-Bail application in courts-Solvency of sureties-Courts insisting on tax receipts-Avoidance of Instructions issued.
44 Circular 11/1973   Batta to witness in criminal cases-Complaint filed by Government Officers on behalf of their official capacity Disallowing of.
45 Circular 11/1974   Introduction of the new Code of Criminal Procedure Appointment of Assistant Public Prosecutors-Allocation of work.
46 Circular 11/1975   Non.issuing of service postage stamps by the treasury. Avoidance of rub with treasury.
47 Circular 11/1976   Issue of refund orders-Rule 373 of the Civil Rules of Practice, Kerala-Filing of application for refund of court fee-Instruction issued.
48 Circular 11/1977   Arbitration O.Ps. Inclusion of name of work in the notices issued from courts--Instruction issued.
49 Circular 11/1978 Service of summons and notices on M.L.As.-Directions issued.
50 Circular 11/1979   Numbering of criminal cases after remand-Instructions issued.
51 Circular 11 /1980   Correspondence between Additional District and Sessions Judges-Routing of-Instructions issued.
52 Circular 11/1981    Implementation of the Kerala Advocates' Welfare Fund Act and Rules-Instructions.
53 Circular 11/1982 Criminal Justice-Calendar statement-Explanation of delay    
54 Circular 11/1986  
55 Circular 11/2009   Courts of Session - Cognizance taken in matters committed Rectification of delay -Instructions - issued.
56 Circular 11/66   Reports under sections 471, 401 and 402 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, etc.
57 Circular 1/1956 - Investment of court funds in Small Savings Scheme
58 Circular 1/1956   Investment of court funds in Small Savings Scheme
59 Circular 1/1957   Adherence to Printing Rules in printing of judgments in the Subordinate Courts         
60 Circular 1/1958   Representations from the subordinate officers to the Government    
61 Circular 1/1959   Officers employing their subordinates for domestic and personal service              
62 Circular 1/1960   Part-time Official Receivers-Judicial Department- Payment of remuneration-               
63 Circular 1/1961   Preparation of exhibit list in fair judgments-Submission of records for appeal, etc.
64 Circular 1/1962   Consolidated monthly returns Civil - Classification regarding footnotes (a) and (b) of statement No.4.
65 Circular 1/1963   Procedure for dealing with papers of a confidential nature.
66 Circular 1/1964   Administration of Justice-Avoidable waste of Litigants' time in attending courts.
67 Circular 1/1965   Kerala Legal Aid (to the Poor) Rules, 1958 Disbursements made-Details of accounts to be maintained.
68 Circular 1/1966     Committees - District Jurisdiction Committee Change in the jurisdiction of civil and criminal courts-Proposals of the committee.
69 Circular 1/1967   Cases in which members of the court staff are party or are otherwise interested-Transfer of such cases to other courts-Orders regarding Modification issued.
70 Circular 1/1968   Maintenance of registers in principal and additional benches of civil courts
71 Circular 1/1969   Casual leave availed of by subordinate judicial officers-Intimation on transfer-Instructions issued.
72 Circular 1/1970     Motor Vehicles Act, 1939-Section 17-Duty to apply in fit cases-Further directions issued.
73 Circular 1/1971 Deposition-Recording of-Instructions issued.
74 Circular 1/1972   Copies of Judgment and decree filed along with the memorandum of appeal-Return of.
75 Circular 1/1973 Application for leave-Submission of-Further instructions: Issued.
76 Circular 1/1974  Mode of' recalling arrest warrants from the police Instructions issued.
77 Circular 1/1975     Calendar-Forwarding of calendar and judgment of the trial court along with the judgment of the appellate court-Instruction issued.
78 Circular 1/1976   First appellate judgment against orders in execution and judgments in suits of the Munsiff Courts-Mentioning of the number of the lower court proceedings in the appellate judgments and orders-Instructions issued.
79 Circular 1/1977   Writing of B diaries in Criminal Courts-Discontinuing of.
80 Circular 1/1978   Personal peons attached to Civil and Criminal Courts Nature of duties-Clarification issued.
81 Circular 1/1979    Criminal Courts-Supply of free plain paper copies of judgments to Public Prosecutors/ Assistant Public Prosecutors
82 Circular 1/1980   Delegation of powers to the presiding officers to sanction leave.
83 Circular 1/1981   Preparation and Execution of Warrants-Procedure to be followed-Instructions issued.
84 Circular 1/1983   -Motor Accident cases-Furnishing of Insurance Policy particulars
85 Circular 1/1984   Holding of Judicial work by Judicial Officers-Working upto 5 p.m.-Instructions.
86 Circular 1/1986 Printing copies using photostat machines-use of adhesive stamps           
87 Circular 1/1987  Sessions Cases-Adjournments-Instructions issued.
88 Circular 1/1988  Summary disposal of cases under the Motor Vehicles Act-Form of summons-Instructions-Issued.
89 Circular 1/1989   Land Acquisition References-Judgments to show the date of publication of the preliminary notification made under section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894- Instructions-Issued.
90 Circular 1/1990 Promotion of Judicial Officers-Evaluation of quality of their work-Submission of Judgments for assessment.
91 Circular 1/1991     Service of process in criminal cases-Modification of the present arrangements-Instructions.
92 Circular 1/1992   -Implementation of the recommendations in the report of the Arrears Committee-Instructions to the Subordinate Judicial Officers in the State
93 Circular 1/1993 Confirmation in service of the staff of the Subordinate Courts-Clarification.
94 Circular 1/1994    
95 Circular 1/1995    
96 Circular 1/1998        Distribution of Warrants among Process Servers and Amins for execution-Monetary limit-Further enhancement-Instructions issued.
97 Circular 1/1999   Senior Advocates-Engagement of Senior Advocates-Memo of appearance to be filed-Instructions.
98 Circular 1/2000              
99 Circular 1/2001   Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985-Disposal of properties produced before Courts in NDPS Act cases-Instructions issued by the High Court in Circular Nos. 5/93 and 4/20000Revised Circular-Issue of.
100 Circular 1/2002     Trial of cases-Marking of documents as exhibits-Instructions issued.
101 Circular 1/2003     Filing of Vakalaths/Petitions· on behalf of Prosecution witnesses, by Advocates
102 Circular 1/2005     Judicial Officers on deputation as Presiding Officers of Tribunals under the Government and are under the Superintendence of the High Court--'-forwarding of requests/ applications to the Government-Revised instructions-Issued.
103 Circular 1/2006   Payment of Commission batta to the Advocate Commissioners and Surveyors in Civil cases in which legal aid is given-Fixation of.
104 Circular 1/2007   Adopting the procedure laid down in Records Destruction Rules in Appendix VIII of the Civil Rules of Practice, Kerala for destruction of records of Family Court-Instructions issued.
105 Circular 1/2009   Drafting of decrees in   MACAS
106 Circular 1/2010   Subordinate Courts - enquiry files - registration and data keeping guidelines - issued.
107 Circular 1/2012 Issuing certified copy of documents bearing non judicial stamp insistence on non judicial stamp apart from court fees stamp clarification issued.
108 Circular 1/2013   Production of mentally III person before CJM - Issuing reception order - ensuring presence of  retainer/panel lawyer of DLSA.
109 Circular 1/2014   Forwarding of copy of the judgment to the Jail on disposal of jail appeals
110 Circular 1/2015   Distribution of Warrants among Process Servers and Amins for execution - Enhancement of Monetary limit.
111 Circular 1/2016   Subordinate Courts - Recording of deposition of witness by the Presiding Officer himself or by his dictation in Open Court or under his direction and superintendence by the typist/computer operator of the Court
112 Circular 1/2017   Dispensing with manual entry of A diary in Subordinate courts & substituting the existing register with computer generated printout of A diary.
113 Circular 1/2018   Furnishing of copy of Judgments in criminal cases to the Prosecutors by subordinate courts promptly.
114 Circular 1/2019   Retaining the records of arbitration proceedings after disposal of Original Petition filed under S. 34 of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 received from the Arbitrator by courts as part of proceedings.
115 Circular 12/1957   Submission of records in appeal cases to the High Court
116 Circular 12/1958   Appointment of Receivers and management of account by receivers.
117 Circular 12/1959   Audit-Long standing objections- Clearance of.
118 Circular 12/1960   Applications for casual leave and leaving jurisdiction by Judicial Officers          
119 Circular 12/1961   Delay in supplying printed copies of judgment-Orders of Munsiff condoning the delay.
120 Circular 12/1962   Issue of certified copies of records in criminal cases -Instructions to lower appellate courts.
121 Circular 12/1963   -Batta and allowances:-Payment to Food Inspectors attending court in food adulteration cases.
122 Circular 12/1964   Preliminary decree and final decree-Drafting of.
123 Circular 12/1965   Payment of daily allowance to persons deputed to work in offices other than those to which they are attached.
124 Circular 12/1966   Unauthorised entries in the register books produced by the Registration Department-Avoidance of.
125 Circular 12/1967   Execution by arrest and detention of the judgment debtor-Complaints of escape made by amins and process servers-Procedure to be followed.
126 Circular 12/1968   Submission of representations direct to the Ministers-Disciplinary action against-Instructions issued.
127 Circular 12/1969  Sending up of records to the High Court in criminal cases -Directions issued.          
128 Circular 12/1970   Process fee leviable under item VIII of the Table of Process Fee prescribed by the High Court and published in the Kerala Gazette Extraordinary No. 23, dated 1st  February 1962
129 Circular 12/1971   Draft judgments-Preservation.
130 Circular 12/1972   Civil Rules of Practice, Kerala-Rule 388 (2)-Remittance of deposits into the Treasury.
131 Circular 12/1973   Investigation and prosecution of cases arising out of violent agitation-Delay report-Sending of
132 Circular 12/1974   Courts-Civil and Criminal-Practice to be followed for providing night watch duty-Instructions issued.
133 Circular 12/1975   Civil Court Deposit Registers maintained by the Subordinate Courts-Uniform procedure for making entries therein ... Issue of orders for repayment of deposits
134 Circular 12/1976   Execution of process and arrest warrants outside the jurisdiction of the issuing courts-Collection of T.A./D.A. for process servers/ Amins.
135 Circular 12/1977   Distribution of warrants among Process Servers and Amins for execution-Monetary limit-Further instructions issued.
136 Circular 12/1978 Officers conducting departmental enquiries and disciplinary actions -Guidance regarding - Instructions issued.
137 Circular 12/1979   Cinemas-Exhibition of Obscene films in Theatres by interpolating portions cut and removed by the Central Board of film Censors-Instructions issued.
138 Circular 12/1980   Budget estimates 1981-82- Preparation of-Instructions issued.
139 Circular 12/1981   Printing of Judgments in Civil and Sessions Case-Judgment printing charges-Orders issued.
140 Circular 12/1986   Prevention of Food Adulteration Act , 1954- Strict compliance with the provision in Section 13(2-B)-
141 Circular 12/2009   Arrest of a member of the Legislative Assembly - Intimation under Rule 161 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Kerala Legislative Assembly - Issuing of instructions
142 Circular 13/1957   Transfer of rent control cases(Redundant)
143 Circular 13/1958   Application for leave on transfer by Judicial officers.
144 Circular 13/1959   Monthly and Annual returns-Civil and Criminal Courts Deposit accounts-Submission of.
145 Circular 13/1960   Employees Provident Funds-Protection against attachment.
146 Circular 13/1961   Confidential Report on Judicial Officers-Inclusion of the name and designation of the Reporting Officer.
147 Circular 13/1962   Missing of records in the subordinate courts responsibility of officers.
148 Circular 13/1963  Grant of representation to the estate of a deceased person-Need to ensure compliance with the requirements of section 56 of the Estate Duty Act, 1953 (Central Act 34 of 1953).
149 Circular 13/1964   Receivers appointed in suits-Filing of accounts.
150 Circular 13/1965   Perusal of court records and registers by Income tax Officers-Facilities to be provided for Instruction.
151 Circular 13/1966   Prohibition cases-Reports of Police and Prohibition Officers-Necessity of Chemical Examiner’s Report.
152 Circular 13/1967   Cases against military personnel pending before a Magistrate-Intimation: by the military authorities that the accused would be tried by court martial-Procedure to be followed.
153 Circular 13/1968   B diaries-Maintenance of-Instructions issued.
154 Circular 13/1969  Administration of oath in religious institutions-Directions issued.                       
155 Circular 13/1970   Jurisdiction of an Additional Munsiff, Additional Sub Judge and Additional District Judge to hear cases under special statutes.
156 Circular 13/1971   Disciplinary proceedings-Minor penalty imposition of-Form of charge-Amendment of para 7 of the Manual for Disciplinary Proceedings.
157 Circular 13/1972   Under trial prisoners-Expeditious disposal of cases
158 Circular 13/1973   Distribution of warrants among Process Servers and Amins for execution-Monetary limit
159 Circular 13/1974   Section 428 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 Instructions issued.
160 Circular 13/1975   Convening of district level conference by Chief Judicial Magistrates and Sessions Judges as per directions contained in High Court Circular Nos. 6 and 20/73.
161 Circular 13/1976   -Food samples to be forwarded to the Central Food Laboratory, Calcutta for analysis in cases under P.F.A. Act Packing and forwarding charges -Meeting of -instructions issued.
162 Circular 13/1977   Notices in Criminal Appeal-Noting of the name of Police Station, number of the Crime and the Sections of the new Code-Instructions issued.
163 Circular 13/1978   Periodicals-Statement of properties from the Sessions Courts-Submission of-Directions issued
164 Circular 13/1979   
165 Circular 13 /1980   Marking or affixing seal of the Court in the Register Books produced before the courts by the Registration Department-Instructions issued.
166 Circular 13/1981   Numbering of appeals filed against the orders of the Commissioners under the Sick Textiles Undertakings (Nationalisation) Act, 1 974.
167 Circular 14/1957   Copyists’ section in T.C. area(Redundant)       
168 Circular 14/1958   Payment of batta to witnesses in criminal cases.
169 Circular 14/1959   Procedure relating to pronouncement of judgments in cases in which the accused is charged under section 75 I.P.C. in addition to the substantive charge against him.
170 Circular 14/1960   Deposition of witnesses-Recording of.
171 Circular 14/1961   Partition suits, mortgage suits, partnership suits, etc.-Disposal for statistical purpose-Contested and uncontested.
172 Circular 14/1962   Payment of charge allowance.
173 Circular 14/1963   Village establishment-Village officers-Commission fee-Payment of.
174 Circular 14/1964   Execution of death sentence-Special Appeals and Mercy Petitions-Procedure to be followed in the case of.
175 Circular 14/1965   Irregular detention of inmates under the Children Act instead of the Borstal Schools Act-Further instructions issued-Reading of the statute when applying them-Duty of Judicial Officers.
176 Circular 14/1966   Register books and other documents of the Registration Department-Their summoning, safe keeping and prompt return.
177 Circular 14/1967   Sub Magistrates' training before appointment-Instructions to the District Magistrates-Issued.
178 Circular 14/1968   Admission of part of a document in evidence Practice followed-Instructions issued. 
179 Circular 14/1969   Motor Vehicles Act, 1939-Section 17-Duty to apply in fit cases-Directions issued.
180 Circular 14/1970   Certificates issued by judicial officers-Irregularity
181 Circular 14/1971  Civil Rules of Practice, Kerala-Bringing into force -Advance information-Furnishing of.
182 Circular 14/1972   Vacation of Civil Courts-Allocation of duties.
183 Circular 14/1973   Serving of summons to Medical Officers working in Government Medical Colleges of the State
184 Circular 14/1974   Legal Guardianship of Indian Children by foreigners-The Guardian and Wards Act-Instructions issued.
185 Circular 14/1975   Submission of records of Criminal cases to the High Court for purpose of referred trials and criminal appeals where a sentence of death or imprisonment for life has been awarded or when the accused has been acquitted of a charge under section 302 IPC.
186 Circular 14/1976   ending up of the records to Land Tribunal-Procedure followed.
187 Circular 14/1977   Court Fee Stamps·-Use of multiple stamps of lower denomination when higher denomination stamps are available further instructions-Issued.
188 Circular 14/1978   Persons subject to the Military, Navy and Air Force Law when brought before the Magistrate and charged with offences which are triable by a Court Delay in supply of copy of Judgments and Orders free of cost-Instructions issued.
189 Circular 14/1979   Arrest, detention, etc., of the Members of Parliament Instructions issued-
190 Circular 14/1980     
191 Circular 14/1981   Petitions received from Public-Acknowledging off Instructions issued.
192 Circular 15/1957   Minimising tour of District Magistrates(Judicial)-(redundant)
193 Circular 15/1958   Reconciliation of monthly statement of expenditure and submission thereof to the High Court. 
194 Circular 15/1959   Kerala Legal Aid (to the Poor) Rules-Benefits contemplated by the scheme availing of by poor litigants - regarding.
195 Circular 15/1960   Juvenile offenders-Application of the provisions of the Probation of Offenders Act, etc.
196 Circular 15/1961   T. A. bills of Honorary Railway Magistrate forwarding of.
197 Circular 15/1962 Allotment of work among members of staff Munsiff-Magistrate's Courts.    
198 Circular 15/1963   Probation-Satisfactory completion of probation of Judicial Magistrates-Procedure clarified.
199 Circular 15/1964   Register books of the Registration Department Production before courts-Forwarding to Finger Print Bureau.
200 Circular 15/1965   Public services-Applications to various posts.
201 Circular 15/1966   Panchayat employees other than the executive 'officers-Witness batta, T.A, etc. for court duty.
202 Circular 15/1967   Order XXXIX, rule 2, sub-rule (3) of the C.P.C.Cost of detention-Who is to bear-Instructions issued.
203 Circular 15/1968   Refunds of court fee-Recording of-Procedure followed.
204 Circular 15/1969   Tabular form to be annexed to the Judgment Rule 73 as amended and rule 127 of the Madras and T.C. Criminal Rules of Practice respectively-Compliance of-Instructions issued.
205 Circular 15/1970   Maintenance of registers in the principal and additional benches of civil courts-Circular No. 1/68tion of.
206 Circular 15/1971   Munsiff-Magistrates-Description of-When functioning as Magistrates
207 Circular 15/1972 
208 Circular 15/1973   Retaining extra carbon copy of fair judgments, orders etc. in all Civil and Criminal Proceedings
209 Circular 15/1974   Delay in supply of seals-Avoiding of such a contingency Resorting of Local Purchase-Instructions issued.
210 Circular 15/1975   Granting of bail to accused in cases of prosecutions for contraventions of the provisions of the F.I.R.
211 Circular 15/1976   Offences under Plantation Labour Act and Statutes imposing minimum punishment-Inadequacy of punishment and order-Instructions issued.
212 Circular 15/1977   Levy of fee for release of attached article from Court Instructions issued.
213 Circular 15/1978  
214 Circular 15/1979   Army personnel involved in Civil Cases-Instructions issued
215 Circular 15/1980   Keeping of the keys of the chest of valuables and the cash chest.
216 Circular 15/1981   Petitions received from Public-Acknowledging off and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952-Disposal of cases under the Labour Laws-Instructions issued.
217 Circular 16/1957   Preference to lawyers in appointment of commissioners and guardians
218 Circular 16/1959   Offences under the Motor Vehicles Act-Inadequate fines-Instructions-Regarding.
219 Circular 16/1960   Public Prosecutors-Copies of judgments and orders and of lower court records in P.E. cases, Crl. Appeals and Revisions-Supply of.
220 Circular 16/1961   Confidential Report of Additional District and Sessions Judges-Authority for preparation regarding-              
221 Circular 16/1962   Cases in which members of the court staff are party or are otherwise interested-Transfer of such cases to other courts-Orders regarding Clarification issued.
222 Circular 16/1963   Confidential reports of gazetted officers-Judicial Department-Preparation and maintenance of.
223 Circular 16/1964   National savings scheme-Popularisation or participation by Government officers.
224 Circular 16/1965   Summons to medical witnesses issued from the courts-Intimation of the name of the patient and the number 'of the wound or post-mortem certificate-Instructions issued.
225 Circular 16/1966   Index sheets-Preparation of.
226 Circular 16/1967   Execution by arrest and detention of the judgment debtor-Complaints of escape made by amins and process servers-Procedure to be followed-further instructions issued.
227 Circular 16/1968   Preliminary decrees-Passing of-Directions issued.
228 Circular 16/1969   Transfer of amins and other members of the staff on completion of three years at a station-Instruction issued.
229 Circular 16/1970   Execution petitions-Amendment of-Manner of carrying out-Instructions issued.
230 Circular 16/1971   Criminal Rules of Practice T.C. and Madras relating to the printing rules-Rules 340 and in respectively -Ceiling rates-Orders issued.
231 Circular 16/1972   Entries in column (c) of the statement No. 4 of monthly returns-Uniform Practice.
232 Circular 16/1973   Production of the Broadcast Receiver License Register of Post Offices as exhibit in Wireless Prosecution Cases Directions issued.
233 Circular 16/1974   Inspection of courts-Control and exercise of supervision over the subordinate courts                                               
234 Circular 16/1975   Granting of application for passports and no objection certificates
235 Circular 16/1976   Deposition before court by officers of Income Tax Department-Not to compel to depose in Malayalam Instructions issued.
236 Circular 16/1977  Caveats under Section 148A of the Civil Procedure Code (Section 50 of the Amendment Act, Act 104 of 76) Filing of-Instructions issued.
237 Circular 16/1978  Offences under the Motor Vehicles Act-Inadequacy of sentences passed-Instructions.
238 Circular 16/1979   Civil Rules of Practice-Keeping of Nazir's Cash Register (CR-43) in Central Nazareth’s-Instructions issued
239 Circular 16/1981   Drafting of decrees in Civil Cases-Omission to include the tabulation of costs-Directions issued.
240 Circular 17/1957   Distribution of work among Sessions Judges and Sub Judges
241 Circular 17/1958   Auction of material objects in criminal courts
242 Circular 17/1959   Budget-Control of expenditure-Reconciliation-Instructions regarding.
243 Circular 17/1960   Indian Companies Act, 1956 (I of 1956)-Jurisdiction of District Courts under the Act.
244 Circular 17/1961   Printing of judgment and order when the length exceeds seven hundred words-Instructions issued making production of printing copy compulsory.                
245 Circular 17/1962   Receivers appointed by courts-Travelling allowance -Payment of.
246 Circular 17/1963   Promotion of non-gazetted officers to gazetted posts -Issue of pay slips-Documents to be forwarded to the Accountant General.
247 Circular 17/1964   -Impounded documents-Documents sent to the Collector for impounding.
248 Circular 17/1965   Rules relating to Copyists' Establishment notification issued·
249 Circular 17/1966   Impleading of parties to suit or other proceedings Procedure to be followed.
250 Circular 17/1967   Maintenance of a separate register for valuables regarding
251 Circular 17/1968   Power of court to pay expenses or compensation out of fine-Sections 545, 546A, etc., of the Code of Criminal Procedure-Compliance of-Instructions issued.
252 Circular 17/1969   Cases in which members of the court staff are parties or otherwise interested-Transfer of cases to other courts-Exemption from.
253 Circular 17/1970      -Execution petitions-Entries in registers and consignment of records
254 Circular 17/1971   Official quarters allotted to judicial officers Occupation and vacation of.
255 Circular 17/1972   Passport facilities-Special certificates of verification issued by Judicial Officers-Need for caution and vigilance Instructions issued.
256 Circular 17/1973   Rules governing the lapsing of Civil Court Deposits Instructions issued.
257 Circular 17/1974  Section 428 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 Further instructions issued.
258 Circular 17/1975   Supply of copies of judgments in plain paper to Assistant Public Prosecutors.
259 Circular 17/1977    Fees payable to Advocates appointed at State Cost to defend accused in Sessions Cases.
260 Circular 17/1978     Complaints of offences triable exclusively by the Court of Sessions.
261 Circular 17/1979   77th Report of the Law Commission of India expeditious disposal of Matrimonial, Eviction, Accidents and Succession cases-Instructions issued.
262 Circular 17/1980   Law and Order-Decisions taken in the conference of Governors and Chief Ministers in April, 1980 at New Delhi-Follow up action directions issued.
263 Circular 17/1981   -Prisons-Grievance Deposit Boxes in prisons- Action taken by the Sessions Judges on the complaints-Submission of report to the High Court-Instructions issued.
264 Circular 18/1957   Sending of copies of judgments to other departments
265 Circular 18/1958   Procedure in cases when a stay has been ordered by the High Court.
266 Circular 18/1959   Law and Order-Anti-Education Act-Agitation-
267 Circular 18/1960   Offences under the Opium Act, 1878 and the Dangerous Drugs Act, 1930 (Central Acts)-Mandatory provision regarding punishment .
268 Circular 18/1961   Military attachment of pay and allowances of persons in the military service.
269 Circular 18/1962   -Return of admitted documents – procedure- clarified.
270 Circular 18/1963   The Kerala Stamp Act, 1959-Realisation of Stamp duty and penalty-Documents impounded in court.
271 Circular 18/1964   Oath of Allegiance to the Indian Union by Government servants.
272 Circular 18/1965   Grant of bail-Further instructions issued.
273 Circular 18/1966   Circulars and directions issued from superior courts-Bringing to the notice  of other officers .